The Trials and Tribulations of a Single Mother with Twins

Twins: The Pregnancy and the Aftermath

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17 Weeks
This journal/blog is in a way a documentation of the pregnancy I am now going through.

I am pregnant with twins. TWINS!

I first found I was pregnant when I was 9 weeks, back on December 27 or 28. I bought one of those pee on the stick tests from the drug store cause it had been nagging at the back of my head for a week or two but hadn't put much thought to it. Well the two little lines to say it was positive popped up right away. Within 15seconds actually. I don't think I cried so hard before cause it was such a sudden change to everything going on in my life that I just didn't know what to do. I called my parents and they helped calm me down and everything. But I had to go to the hospital the next day for pains in my sides that were just constant. My friend Alice took me there (and also went with me to the ultrasound later in the week). Nothing they could tell without an ultrasound showed up, except the blood tests that were done just confirmed everything that much more, placing me between 9-20weeks pregnant. That friday, which was New Years Eve, I had an ultrasound in the morning for some of the organs in my abdomen (liver, kidneys, etc.) as well at the uterus. And there was a little blob, a baby. My parents (Maja and Faja) were very excited to have a grandchild coming. My sister was happy that the pressure was lifted off of her again and she could just go gungho on her career (Which she is going to rock at massively!). I have to admit I was scared, but excited at the same time. That evening I told the rest of my friends at our New Years Eve party (FONDUE!) and they were just as excited for it as me, though not as scared as I was.

I didn't know I was pregnant with twins till I was close to 11 weeks, or just after 11 weeks. This was an ultrasound specifically for the uterus. I was staring at the ceiling thinking wouldn't it be funny if it was twins? My friend Lamb came with me to this ultrasound, which was nice to have support there for me. So the ultrasound technician did her dealio while I was staring at the ceiling and then she called Lamb in. I got to the first baby and I started to tear up, seeing the heart beat, its little arms and leg moving around. It was so adorable. Then the technician turned to my friend and said "You are going to want to take her hand for this next part." Lamb thought she was going to push really hard on my bladder, but nope. Instead the screen flips to baby #2, with its heart beating, and its little hands and feet moving. I started balling. Not only because I was having twins, but I couldn't help but laugh slightly because I had just been thinking "Wouldn't it be funny if I was having twins?"  I called my parents as soon as I could after the ultrasound to tell them, to let them know. I remember telling my mom, well more so asking "How do you feel about knitting doubles?" She didn't clue in right away until I told her I was having twins. OMG was what I heard for the next couple of minutes, and she told my dad and he was just as shocked. It was a massive change coming to my life that is for sure.

I started to see the doctor more regular to make sure things went well. I got to here the heartbeats for the first time on January 20th. It was a wonderful thing to hear the heartbeats for the first time. They were very fast heartbeats, nothing like mine. Who knew such small little things could have such powerful heartbeats! And around 14 weeks I felt the first movements, flutters as many call them. It just feels like them doing somersaults more then anything, and twisting and turning. Somedays they are more active then other days, but it also depends on how I am sitting, or laying. And where they are positioned in the womb.

It wasn't until two weeks ago that everything just smacked me hard and scared me, when I was 15 weeks. I had some bleeding due the placenta partially detatching. I was so panicked that I had miscarried, that I had lost the twins, that I would slip into a downward sprial of pain and misery because something that I had begun to find so much joy in, so much happiness in, was now being taken away from me quickly and painfully so. I was taken to the ER by ambulance at about 4:30am. And I got the whole gang out to! I had two ambulances AND fire rescue come to the house for my little thing. Man, do I know how to create a scene eh? But luckily the bleeding had stopped as quickly as it had started. I didn't bleed anymore then what had already come out to soak my underwear and run down my legs in such a scary thing at 5 in the morning. When at the hospital, I had the Garcia double. And by Garcia double, I meant a doctor who really didn't care or do things right. He did a mini ultrasound in the room I was, and we saw that the twins were safe and still moving around. And they were wide awake, mostly from the adrenaline they were getting from me from being so scared and panicked over everything that was going on. Well the next day (friday) at my doctors appointment, I told my doctor. Well he wasn't to happy to hear that a proper ultrasound wasn't ordered and that nothing was done to ensure I was okay, that I was safe and not still in shock before I was sent home 40 minutes after I was arrived. Thank god Tiffy-Bo and Alice came to the ER and I was able to get home afterwords. But my doctor ordered a ultrasound that was done right away that day and showed the partially detached placenta, but showed that the twins were okay and that everything was alright.

Next week I move back to my parents place because after that scare, I can't not have support around me constantly. I was so scared and felt so alone. And the stress of school was just starting to push me down. I went home for a week after the last ultrasound I had and we decided mutually that it would be the best thing for me, and it would also help out my parents a bit (not having to put money out for me since I quit my job, not having to worry about my constantly, I can help out around their house while home). And also I find out the genders next week!!

Till next post, keep going and be strong.


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