The Trials and Tribulations of a Single Mother with Twins

Twins: The Pregnancy and the Aftermath

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Week 19 and On

Okay, yes I have been bad and not made a post in well over a month. I have been so exhausted from moving, and then getting set up in my parents home again, doing stuff around town to be some what useful to my parents, seeing the doctors for EVERYTHING about the twins and my health. It has been a busy month to say the least.

Since my last post I have seen my GP once (and I see him again next week), my OB once last week and had another ultrasound to check that everything is going well.

When I saw my GP at the end of March, we just reviewed what was planned with my OB two weeks prior, did another check of the heart beats and began to measure how much stomach grew. By this point I was really showing, much more then just a few weeks ago anyways. I was so brain dead that day though. I had barely slept the night before, and everything just ached. So it was hard to focus during the doctors appointment to make sure everything was going well.

At the beginning of April (The 8th to be exact) I took my brother and dad back to where I was attending school and where all my lovely friends are. So I drove some of the way there and back to our hometown but of course I didn't want to push it with the pregnancy and everything. Especially since when I was passing a semi-truck going about 75-80 cause he was loaded up the twins kicked out and then did a tuck and roll towards my spin and didn't come back up until we got to the rest stop 20-25 minutes later. It was kinda funny. Freaky to. But obviously they don't like mommy going fast on the highway!

The next ultrasound I had was on the 12th of April. So I went a whole two weeks without seeing anyone and that. I had some rough days with massive amounts of pain and other days were good. It would vary from one day to the next and I wouldn't know until I woke up that morning if it might be good or it might be bad. Hell I didn't know until after breakfast or late into the afternoon if it was going to endup being bad! Anyways, at the ultrasound I learnt that both babies are now in breech, which would explain for mass amounts of pain I had a few days before hand. So unless Twin A turns back down, things are turning more towards a c-section then to natural birth (boo!).

The following Monday is of course was when my OB told me about the C-section stuff and everything. Which was nice! Why? Because since I reached about 20 weeks, and have been reading stuff online and watching various TV shows and even talking to a local friend who is expecting and due any day, I have felt so noobish and out of the water about what to plan or expect with my own birth! This was even more true after I had a tour of the facilities at the hospital that I will be using when I deliver and our friend was talking about her birth plan. It was like uh.... Birth plan? Okay what the hell is that and am I supposed to have one? Apparently I am. And I am still trying to figure out contractions and braxton hicks. I was in a class through a program for pregnant woman in my town but the class sucked. Like royally sucked so I was still lost. I am now looking at stuff online for information and such. I am still lost somewhat but things will work there way out I am sure.

And the stress still remains of getting all the items. Stroller, car seats, blankets, cribs, everything! It is so stressful and annoying. I hate this in all honesty because I am so broke cause I can't work without causing myself harm and therefor can't make money to get what is needed for the twins. I have a small pile of stuff but not enough in the long run. I have no car seats to get them home in. I have no crib or cribs for them to sleep in. I have no diapers. I have no wipes. I have no pump to get milk out of my breasts when they are over producing (if that even happens. We might have to supplement with formula if I can't produce enough milk). Its just like I don't know what to do. I hate having to lay this burden on my parents. Or anyone. I am so independent that it is killing me inside that I can't even provide for my own kids. I am just ugh. My mom did have my do up a baby registry( and if that doesn't work just look under my name friends of mine and family of mine that read this) and we have thought about having a shower at the beginning of September/End of August before labour day weekend so that my friends from school can come and not have to miss any school, and then everyone can see the twins and I will be all healed up. And showers are  more fun when you get to hold the babies and not just see the massive belly.

Well thats all for now. I will try to be more regular but no promises. Energy levels vary so writting avalible faulters also then.


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