The Trials and Tribulations of a Single Mother with Twins

Twins: The Pregnancy and the Aftermath

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18 Weeks
The eighteenth week of the pregnancy has been filled with both pain, joy, stress and everything else in between.

It was moving week so that entailed packing up everything, cleaning and well getting my stuff into a storage locker so that I could move back to my parents house and be with them through out the remaining twenty weeks of my pregnancy. Yes, twenty or so weeks. It feels like only yesterday I found I was pregnant, let alone 9 weeks pregnant. Life changes so fast you just don't know what to do sometimes.

Moving went smoothly, for the most part. I got everything packed up, cause this move wasn't as frazzled and rushed as my last one. And it wasn't me fighting to get my stuff in order to move out. The only problem came when I tried to get rid of my futon and the person who said would come take it bailed on me after he told me, and in front of 5 other people that were mutual friends of ours, said he would come around noon. Instead he tells me at 9pm. Um, NOOO! I needed to be out of town by then to head to the next town over for my ultrasound that is the next morning and to be checked into our hotel and crash early enough that I am not a zombie the next day. Well I was pissed. And I will admit I wanted to murder the s.o.b. But whatever. Luckily my roommate/landlady took it cause she is selling the place and needed something in the room to make it look filled. YAH! Thank god for her.  And thank god for Blackout who came and helped out for a few hours with packing and moving stuff to the storage locker! I am so grateful for her, she is truly an amazing friend and I am so lucky to have met her. So within 4 hours my place was emptied, cleaned and done with. Everything into a storage locker or into the family vehicle to come home.

We went for dinner with a family friend that was passing through town. He is a trucker and he was stopping in the down as he hit his point (no more driving for a while). It was good and helped us secure the roof rack as we were supposed to be going into rain or snow. That groundhog lied by the way as spring has not come yet and it is the middle of March essentially. And then we were on the road to the next town for the ultrasound! The hotel we stayed at was so bloody comfortable! And so pretty! The courtyard was like a rain forest that surrounded the breakfast restaurant, the buffet and the pool, with a creek running along side it. It was so relaxing and inviting, it was like I was on a tropical vacation, even if only for a night. And the bed was like a cloud. Mindya I had been sleeping on futon for a few weeks after sleeping on my good serta bed so this bed was like heaven! And the pillows were very comfy to. I wanted to highjack the pillows. Hehe. I was out within 10 minutes of the light going out. It was probably the best sleep yet.

So the next morning, me, my mom and my brother had a really good and made from scratch breakfast at the restaurant in the hotel. I had pancakes and bacon. The pancakes were HUGE! Like with a circumference of at least 3inchs! It was good though, definitely filled me up for several hours. After breakfast I reorganized the family vehicle after we unloaded what was needed for the night. And then it was off to the ultrasound. The 18 week ultrasound, well 18-20 week ultrasound.  It was to check everything, the development of the twins, how the heartbeats were, to make sure that there was no abnormalities in formation and to find out the genders!

Everything looked amazingly healthy. They are even the same size! And have the same heartbeats, which is really good since most times with twins, one twin gets more nutrients and food compared to the other but luckily with mine they are both getting the same amount. Development of the spine, brain and heart and very good and perfectly normal and healthy. And it is for sure now identical twins. And boys. Which kinda sucks cause I really wanted girls but whatever, I will have two little angels that will love me unconditionally. I see it as though God is giving me a break for all the pain that has been put into my life with men. Now I get two boys that will forever be mine and I will not have to face so much pain.

So it was a good bill of health for the twins. I have spoken with my new OB/Gyn and we have made a game plan for the rest of pregnancy. My appointments with the OB/Gyn and with my family doctor will be staggered, so every two weeks I will see one of them. Ultrasounds have been booked for the next 5 months till I deliver, but it could go up in number of times there are ultrasounds since I am having identical twins. Come 24 weeks I will be on more of a bedrest, though right now my parents are essentially putting me onto bedrest to keep the swelling down with my feet and the bleeding. At 28 weeks I will be given two steroid shots to help the babies lungs develop faster and so that if I go into labour before 35 weeks it is not a huge fear, even though if I go into labour before then UH OH!

I pray everything goes well from here on out. I don't want more problems if any.

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